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College & Beyond

As REACH participants begin to home in on postsecondary programs and careers, our programs and mentors continue to offer them support in further developing their workplace skills, choosing a college, earning certifications and applying for jobs.

“What distinguishes medicine from other fields of service is the commitment to see people through recovery. I have seen qualities in nurses, doctors and therapists that I can see in myself. I visualize myself working as a doctor because it fits with my calling directly serving people.”

Eugene U. – Future Physician

College Career Pathways, an internship program open to undergraduate students ages 18 to 24, offers participants work-based learning experience and advising about college and career paths.

RU Ready MedSchool

RU Ready MedSchool is designed to help you navigate pre-med undergraduate studies and applying to medical school.

Other Rush Internship Programs open to college students include:

The Rush Summer Research Scholars Program (RSRSP), a paid, six-week summer program for college juniors and seniors and graduates with post-baccalaureate degrees

A summer internship, through the Rush Center for Excellence on Disparities in HIV and Aging (CEDHA) and Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, for highly motivated high school and undergraduate students with a strong interest in health sciences, health disparities, and research