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Action Steps Students Can Take Right Now for a Career in Healthcare and STEM

August 30, 2022

Why might a motivated student want to already be thinking about this while still in high school?

Motivated students will want to think about this because there are various learning experiences they could take advantage of in high school to explore possibilities in healthcare.  There are a variety of clinical and non-clinical careers in healthcare, like labor and delivery nurse or health IT (tech) professional.  Students can get an early start on exploration through career and technical education (CTE), STEM studies, and enrichment clubs.  Internships, job shadows and other hands-on experiences can bring the careers to life.  Students might think they want to be a pediatrician until they really get an experience working with children. Or they might figure out that they don’t want to work with blood!  Getting a headstart on learning about possibilities and qualifications can help young people decide what path they might want to take in healthcare.

A motivated student can think about taking 4 years of math and science, taking dual enrollment or dual credit college courses to get a headstart on coursework or even earn a certification that can get them working in the healthcare field right away.  Skilled jobs in healthcare often require postsecondary credentials from a certification to 2 year, 4 year and graduate level degrees.

Outside of taking STEM classes, what else can they do to prepare at this level?

Beyond STEM classes here are a few things young people can do to prepare at this level:

What’s something these students may not think about that could boost their resume?

How can school administrators, guidance counselors, etc. help students reach this goal?

Caring connected adults like administrators and guidance counselors can help students reach this goal by providing: